TH3 #834 – 9/29/2019 – PINK DRESS HANGOVER

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Time: 12 p.m., On-Out 2 p.m.
Hares: Pickup Hash!
Location: Metropolitan (3057 N Rockwell)
Hash Cash: Pay As You Go

NOTES: Metropolitan Brewing is sponsoring TH3 Pink Dress again this year and has donated a keg for us to consume at the main event. Be sure to cum early so that you can sample even more of their delicious beers.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: There will be a pickup hash trail with an on-out time of 2PM – we will be leaving Metropolitan at that time to go out, kill whatever’s left in the keg from the Main Event, and then circle at a nearby hash-friendly bar.

FUN FACTS: The colloquialism “Hair of the dog” originated from a treatment of rabies that called for placing a hair from dog into the wound to prevent infection. This type of treatment is believed to have its origins in the idea that “like treats like,” a medical philosophy that predates even Hippocrates.