Th3 #766 – 6/28/2018

Time: 7 p.m., On-Out 7:30 p.m.
Hares: Soul Taco & Silent But Deadly
Location: Beaumont’s – 2020 N Halsted
Hash Cash: $10

Notes: And now we have Soul Taco’s Hashiversary.

If this is A-to-B and the A is Beaumont’s then were is the B?????????

Fun Facts: Despite rumors that Taco Bell stopped using their signature Chihuahua in advertising in 2004 because the dog had died, Gidget the Chihuahu lived until 2009 when she passed away at the age of 15 after suffering a stroke.

Upcumming Hareline
Th3 #767 – 07/05/18 – Menstrual Casserole & Probably Secret Co-Hares – Independence Tap **Erection Results**
Th3 #768– 07/12/18 – Snatchsquatch – TBD **Running of the Bulls**
Th3 #769 – 07/19/18 – WE NEED A HARE!!!
Th3 #770 – 07/26/18 – WE NEED A HARE!!! **PoP PRE LUBE**

Full Hareline

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