Open Mismanagement Notes – 7/7/2022

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NOTES: An open meeting of the Thirstday H3 Mismanagement was held at Dugans on Halsted before the regularly scehdule hash on 7/7. Noted members in attendance were Snatchsquatch, Horn E, North Bang Her Alley, Garmin, and Two Girls One Cupcake. The GM, Rod, was notably absent.

At the time of the meeting, Thirstday H3 had $1485 in the hash paypal account and $239 in petty cash – this was before purchasing drinks for those in attendance and also before collecting hash cash that evening.

Thirstday H3 currently has a bit of haberdashery that Snatchsquatch hasn’t bothered to go through yet. Snatchsquatch was given it from out-going GM Sanding Ovation and couldn’t be bothered to find time in the entire week between when it was received and the date of the meeting. Snatch promised to go through the haberdashery, make note of the available sizes, and to post them on the website so that people can actually purchase them – we’ll see if and when that happens.

New haberdashery has not been purchased since THE BEFORE TIMES – Chicago H3 recently printed a tank and has plans for a shirt in the fall, so it was suggested that Thirstday H3 reprint the “Chicago Sky” design as a sweatshirt or create a new design to print on a lightweight 3/4 zip long sleeve similar to the one given out by Big Hump H3 at Green Dress 2022 – there are still a handful of the 3/4 zip “Days of the Week” long sleeves, but those are fleece, so the new ones would be more for Spring and Fall and less for Winter.

Snatchsquatch brought up the idea for a general role in mismanagement of “Hash Ambassador” – rather than have a dedicated Hare Razor, Religious Advisor, etc. there would instead be a group of hasher affiliated who could fill those positions as needed on a hash-by-hash basis. Snatchsquatch noted he would create and share a spreadsheet for people interested to note when they’d be attending so that Thirstday H3 would have coverage, but like the haberdashery we’ll see if and when he ever gets around to it.

With all of the issues on the agenda having been discussed, the floor was then opened for any questions, comments, and concerns that any hashers wanted brought to mismanagement’s attention. The safety of harriettes was an issue brought forth – though hashing out of the parks was a necessary while the world shut down due to COVID, having circle and on-after visiting take place in dark parks, alleys, etc. is not a welcoming environment for harriettes and can be especially off-putting to newer members of the hash. With this issue being brought up, more emphasis will be placed on encouraging hares to move their hashes back indoors, so that more harriettes attend and more new members feel welcome.

Mismanagement then concluded with the note that an effort would be made to have regularly scheduled meetings – hopefully an open mismanagement meeting can be held before the first Thirstday trail of every month.


TL;DR – show up early for the hash out of Dugans to bitch about stuff and you’ll get a free pint


WHAT: Thirstday H3 Mismanagement Meeting

WHEN: 7/7 @ 7PM before trail

WHERE: Dugans on Halsted (128 S Halsted)


WHY: Because we haven’t had mismanagement since the before times and we have shit that we need to talk about

AGENDA: Hash Cash Reserves, Haberdashery, Hash Ambassadors (RA, Hare Razor, etc), Pink Dress?, Hostile Takeover of the Bushman, Acquiring More Virgin Sacrifices From Lakeview Running Club, Whatever Else You’re Concerned About