TH3 #963 – 11/24/2022

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Hare: …He’s Still Limping

Where: Casa de Limping (826 W Sunnyside)

When: 4PM MEET, 6PM ON-OUT, Potluck After

Hash Cash: $5 or a dish to share

It’s turkey time! Gobble Gobble! …He’s Still Limping will be hosting a possible pick-up trail for Thanksgiving.

Limping’ll provide turkey and a couple of vegetarian sides, broccoli and cornbread stuffing. There will be a pick up trail, let’s say that starts at 6 and you guys are welcome to come over any time after 4. We will eat after the trail. Bring food to share, booze, whatever, just comment what you’ll bring so we don’t have 10 different versions of green bean casserole.

Address is 826 W Sunnyside Ave. Buzz Shapiro/Shreve and I’ll let you in. Third floor on the left.