TH3 #958 – 10/20/2022 – PINK DRESS 2022

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Hare: …He’s Still Limping & LeShartist

Where: Original Hooters (660 N Wells)

When: 7PM meet, 7:15PM hares away,7:30PM on-out

What: Bring your best pink dress – and we mean BEST! A light source, a virgin to sacrifice to the boob gods, your donation to Imerman Angels

Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in! …He’s Still Limping has stepped up to make Pink Dress happen once again in 2022! Get pumped!

From the Hares: Join us the 20th for another Thirstday H3 Pink Dress. This one will be a little different (I’m assuming because I’ve never done a PD here). Your hares Le Shartiste and …He’s Still Limping will be live laying not one but TWO trails for you. The hounds will be split into two teams Team Titties for Le Shartiste’s trail and Team Boobies for Dots trail. All trails lead to beer but the teams will be competing for the glory and honor of raising the most money for Imerman Angels. You all are tasked with making a spectacle, getting interest from strangers, and taking their money (for charity). Trail will be and unknown distance and A to A. There will be beer, there will be booze, and there will be boobs. Bring your hasher friends that haven’t cum in a while and your racist philanthropist friends that can’t say no to a charity run. See you then. #TH3TeamBoobies #TH3TeamTitties