TH3 #788 – 11/22/2018

Time: 2:00! Trail after 2:30 or when we feel like it.
Hares: Prickly Puss and Hose before Hoes
Location: Prickly’s Pad (2778 N Milwaukee Ave #218)
Hash Cash: $10

There will be trail. And food.

NOTES: It’s Thanksgiving! Take a break from your real family to spend it with your hash family.

FUN FACTS: In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a federal holiday falling on the final Thursday of November, consolidating a holiday already practiced in most states on different days. That first Thanksgiving fell on November 26, and effectively replaced Evacuation Day, a holiday that commemorated the final retreat of British Soldiers from Manhattan and the end of the Revolutionary War on November 25, 1783.