Th3 #738 – 12/14/17

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Hares: Coach and Nintendo
Venue: O’Donnell’s (4500 N Elston Ave.)
Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30pm
Hash Cash: $8

Anthrax pre-pre-lube! Let’s see if these knuckleheads can estimate distance better than the last year’s Turkey trail.

Center map

Upcumming Hareline
Th3 #739 – 12/21/17 – Gay Dancer – Irish Eyes (2519 N. Lincoln Av.)
Th3 #740 – 12/28/17 – Menstrual Casserole & Dr. Cockvorikian – A to B from Houndstooth Saloon **GM’s Revenge Part Two: Electric Boogaloo**
Th3 #741 – 1/04/18 – WE NEED A HARE!!!
Full Hareline

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