Th3 #700 – 03/30/17

Hares: Drill in My Box & WJew-40
Location: Will’s Northwoods (3030 N. Racine Ave.)
Hash Cash: $8
Time: 7 p.m. Meet up, 7:30 p.m. On-Out
If there is anyone left in the carnage of the 600s, we’ve hobbled together some hares, no thanks to all of you, to see what the 700s have in store.

We’ll have the private room at Will’s and a keg to ourselves, as long as no one is pouring it straight down the sink.

Chicago, IL 60657

Also, new Hab is in! Buy yours today!

Upcumming Hareline
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Th3 #703 – 04/20/17 – LaQuinta Skeets aka Douche Canoe aka Jizzy – TBD **4/20 Hash**
Th3 #704 – 04/27/17 – WE NEED A HARE!!!

Full Hareline