TH3 #683 – 12/1/2016

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Hare: Private Snowball
Venue: Big Joe’s (1818 W. Foster Ave.)
Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30
Hash Cash: $8

Join Th3 as our visitor, Private Snowball, wraps up his Tour duh Snowball, haring five times in five days in our lovely city (and be sure to get your free ticket for the first ever Tour duh Snowball raffle).

From Da Hare: A BRIEF HISTORY: back in 2009 I took a dare. The dare was simple, hare a bunch of trails in a row, because it is easy to hash a bunch of trails in a row (a tour duh hash), but haring a bunch (tour duh hare or Iron Hare) is pretty tough. The dare was so successful (and fun), that I decided to do it again in 2010 . . . then again in 2011 . . . in 2012 (you get the idea).

I named this yearly event “Tour duh Snowball”. In 2016 I have brought it to beautiful Chicago, Illinois to hare five trails with some of Wanker World’s most celebrated kennels:

Chicago Hash House Harriers (Sunday Nov 27)

Because Liquors Okay With Juice Or Beer Hash House Harriers (Monday Nov 28 and Tuesday Nov 29)

Whiskey Wednesday Hash House Harriers (Wednesday Nov 30)

Chicago Thirstday Hash House Harriers (Thursday Dec 1)