TH3 #682 – 11/24/2016

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Hares: SnatchSquatch & Two Girls, One Cupcake
Venue: Casa de SnatchCakes (4416 N Albany Ave APT 1R)
Time: Dinner at 3 p.m., Trail at 5 p.m.
Hash Cash: Potluck dish/booze to share

It’s Thanksgiving, bitches!

Instead of listening to your relatives gloat about the election, join the hashygiving! Or, come drink with us after you’ve put yourself through torture! Cupcakes will make a turkey and Snatch will turkey hobble out a trail for after dinner.

– Time change: 3 p.m., not our usual 7 p.m. Trail after dinner.

– In lieu of hash cash, please bring a side dish or booze to share. Cupcakes is supplying the turkey. Please comment with what you’re bringing so we can fill in the holes for whatever is missing.

– Have other plans? Feel free to stop by whenever you can, even if it’s after trail/dinner. Bring booze.

-Don’t like it? Don’t blame me, I voted for R-Tard.

-Seriously tho I’m thankful for all you stupid wanks. ♥ u, mean it.