Th3 #465 – 10/18/2012

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My cohares 6.9+Y and Just Sarah had to back out due to something lame like traveling for work. Pink Dress was an exhausting endeavor, and though wildly successful in that we raised more than double last years’ amount, the thought of laying trail alone the next week almost makes me want to cry. Plus we still have a crap-ton of donated beer left. Add this all together and I am left with the only obvious option for a theme hash:

The LTA is Tired, Lazy, and Very Proud of You Wankers Hash

It will be a walkers’ trail. Seriously- no running. Fuck running. If you want to run, feel free to go off on your own and do so, you’re a better person than me.

Trail will be no more than 2 miles A-B. To be honest, I can’t even promise you I’ll make 1 mile.

What I can promise is beer and pizza. Free.

Yes. Free. You heard me correctly.

I am so damn proud of this year’s Pink Dress Run that I will not take your money this week. We will drink all the leftover donated beer, and if that runs out, we’ll get more out of the hash bank. You won’t need a cent on you.

Meet-up 7:00, On-Out 7:30

Hash Cash: Seriously- Free.