PDR Weekend Hangover Trail

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When: Sunday, October 14th, 10 am

Where: Holiday Club, 4000 N Sheridan

Hares: The Dark Kunt & Riot Me This, Riot Me That

October 8th was Columbus Day. October 9th was Leif Erikson Day. Let’s settle the age-old question of who discovered who discovered America first with a Spaniards vs. Vikings Hangover Battle Royale.

The pack will be split into two, Spaniards and Vikings. Each will go on their own epic journey with their kinsmen on an interactive trail ending in a fierce battle over a small piece of America.*

Again, this is a hangover trail, so trail itself will be short and more of a walkers’ trail. Trail is A-B, your stuff will be taken to B, prepare for an outdoors circle. Circle will be over well in time to head over to CH3’s regular 2 PM hash at Independence Tap, and rides will be available to get the drunk explorers there.

If you rego’d for the weekend, this trail is included. If you were lame and didn’t rego for the whole weekend, hash cash is $5.

* Dressing up as your preferred character is encouraged, though we wouldn’t recommend wearing anything you don’t want ruined.