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We’re back…kinda!

For the foreseeable future, Thirstday H3 will be working in conjunction with Chicago H3 to bring you a weekly trail on Sundays. This will start the first Sunday in June and continue until collective Mismanagement determines that the world has reverted back to normal – whatever the fuck that means any more.

Your typical hash will have a different look to make sure we are all following social distancing guidelines. Trail start will be anytime between 2/2:30-ish. Hares will be around for 2-3 hours to watch bags and have a beer with those who wish to stick around for some socializing. Groups of no more than 10 people at a time (less if the hare desires it). Hand sanitizer will be provided. Masks are strongly encouraged!

There will be an opportunity for a beer after trail, but circle will take place virtually at our regularly scheduled times (Mondays for Chicago H3, Thursdays for Thirstday H3) with each hash alternating weeks (ie. one week circle will be on Monday night, the next week it will be on Thursday night).