Pink Line Bar Crawl

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The line-up is set! Everyone get excited!

Now remember, this is still for charity, still raising money for Imerman Angels. Most of these bars agreed to give drink specials of some kind, and then donate to Imerman on top of that. So while the bar crawl is pay as you go, let’s be awesome, show these places some love, tip your servers well, and get drunk.

We’re also going to try to raise money for Imerman while riding the CTA like we do during the Pink Dress Run; we’ll see how this works out. If it does, prize to the one who raises the most hobo change. If not, prize to whoever makes it all night and kisses my ass the best. 

Also, the bars got their logos in on time to get put on the shirt, so be sure to wear your Pink Dress T-shirt. Or your pink dress, if you’re so inclined.

So here’s the schedule, keeping in mind the times will depend on the CTA:

Ashland Stop
8pm: Cobra Lounge, 235 N Ashland Ave
Special – $3 PBR pints

Clinton Stop
9/9:30: New Line Tavern, 201 N Clinton St

Madison/Wabash Stop
10/10:30: Tilted Kilt, 17 N Wabash Ave
Specials – $5 Magic Hat, $6 Newcastle Werewolf, $6 Pink Kitty shots

LaSalle Stop
11/11:30: Cal’s Bar, 400 S Wells St
Specials – $2.50 PBR, $3 Miller/Bud, shots starting at $3.50

Washington/Wells Stop
12/12:30: Stocks and Blondes, 40 N Wells St

Join up with us whenever you can! Bring friends! Four Score is the hare so bother him to find