TH3 Pink Dress Hangover Brunch – 10/14/2018

Hares: NONE! It’s Fucking Brunch!
Venue: Bird Leaf Nest (1003 N. Ashland Ave.)
Hash Cash: $10 (or included in your weekend rego)
Time: 10am

NOTES: Brunch Long and Hard at the Bird Leaf Nest (Feather’s apartment…as this has become confusing for some). There might be a trail but probably not. We’ll have a circle regardless. Event will be “over” in plenty of time to head over to Chicago H3’s regular 2 PM hash later that day (hint: you won’t have to go far).

FUN FACTS: Pink Champagne was introduced in the 1950s because American consumers found Brut Champagne to be too dry. Rosé Champagne was introduced in 1990s and many are produced by coloring traditional champagne with red pinot noir.