Th3 #730 – PINK DRESS MAIN EVENT – 10/21/17

Time: 3 p.m., On-Out 3:30 p.m.
Hares: Menstrual Casserole & Silent But Deadly
Location: Celtic Crown (4301 N. Western)
Hash Cash: Walk Ups $65

Are you surprised it’s at Celtic Crown? You shouldn’t be. Hopefully it will be another night of magic and fun and tears and onesie swapping and the longest circle you can shake a fist at. Trail will be the usual running around in dresses, getting drunk off pink shots, drinking lots of beer and most importantly, raising money for Imerman Angels. Beer, food, fundraising, games, prizes, etc. (I can tell you right meow tho, the gimmies are late. sorry. don’t blame me i voted for rumson).

Chicago, IL 60618

Upcumming Hareline
******Pink Dress Weekend******
Th3 #731.5 – 10/22/17 – *Pink Dress Hangover*
******End Pink Dress Weekend*****
Th3 #732 – 10/26/17 – Gay Dancer & The Uptowners *Zombie Hash*
Th3 #732 – 11/02/17 – Little Trojan Annie – TBD
Th3 #733 – 11/09/17 – Just Jess & Hooch Before Cooch – TBD *Birthday & Hashiversary Extravaganza*
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