Th3 #692 – 02/02/17

Hares: Gay Dancer & Tubdumping
Location: Celtic Crown (2356 W Cullom Ave.)
Hash Cash: $8
Time: 7 p.m. Meet up, 7:30 p.m. On-Out

Tubdumping returns from her miserable life in Austin to co-hare this tutu birthday trail with our gayest of dancers. Tutus and tiaras strongly encouraged.

Chicago, IL 60618

Upcumming Hareline
Th3 #693 – 02/09/17 – Taste the Rainbow – TBD
Th3 #694 – 02/16/17 – Hoosier Daddy – TBD
Th3 #695
02/23/17 WE NEED A HARE!!!
Th3 #696 – 03/02/17 – Grateful Dick – Booze Hound (formerly Kennedys) (3734 N Milwaukee)
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  1. You guys are bunch of wanks! You are the wankiest wanks of the wanking world! You should all be ASShamed of yourselves for your proclivity for overindulgence in libations and lewdness. Your flagrant disregard for how people perceive you, your freedom from inhibitions and worry, your disregard for Friday morning’s alarms are all proof that you are each a bunch of degenerates and rabble rousers.

    And it is for those reasons that we love and miss you guys every Thursday that goes by without the debauchery and irresponsibility that is Thirstday. Thinking of you always (well all of you except Panda)! Some mysterious hashers near that stupid wall that Trump is building!

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