TH3 #677 – 10/22/2016

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Venue: Celtic Crown (4301 N Western Ave)
Hares: Soul Taco, Hooch Before Cooch
Hash Cash: $65 walk up/$55 beforehand
Time: 3 p.m. meet up, 3:30 p.m. on-out
(Please note the time change)

We’re takin it back to Celtic Crown because for some reason they don’t hate us yet. Please note the time change so the bar can accommodate us after a stupid “family friendly” atmosphere for the Michigan game earlier that day. I trust we will do our best to make it the OPPOSITE of family friendly later that evening.

Trail will be hared by your favorite Hooch Taco (Soul Cooch?) and will center around a fundraising competition. Prizes will be awarded to the best pink dress and to the top fundraisers, both on-trail and online. The on-in will include three hours of unlimited domestic beer and well drinks, as well as a buffet-style dinner.