Th3 #629 – 11/26/15 – THANKSGIVING HASH

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Hares: SnatchSquatch & Two Girls, One Cupcake
Venue: Casa de SnatchCakes (3253 W Lawrence Ave, Apt 3A)
Time: Meet up 2pm, On-Out 2:30pm
Hash Cash: Potluck dish to share

It’s Thanksgiving, bitches!

Come enjoy the hashpitality of Snatch & Cupcakes. Cupcakes will attempt to cook a turkey, Snatch will attempt to lay a trail, nothing could go wrong!

– Time change: 2pm, not our usual 7pm. Dinner after trail.

– In lieu of hash cash, please bring a side dish to share. Cupcakes is supplying the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Please comment with what you’re bringing so we can fill in the holes for whatever is missing.

– Have other plans? Feel free to stop by whenever you can, even if it’s after trail/dinner. Bring booze.