Th3 #607 – 7/2/15

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Hares: Roofie Ragu
Venue: Independence Tap (3932 W. Irving Park Rd)
Hash Cash: $8
Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30pm

Ignore the fact that Roofie is haring what will undoubtedly be a racist trail. Focus on ERECTION RESULTS! Because AMURICA, BITCHES!

What better way to start the patriotic long weekend than going over the erection results? That’s right, after trail during circle we will announce the “winners” of this year’s month-long erection. If you were on the ballot for any category, you may want to make sure you’re present for the fuckery.

We will also decide the bracket for the Ultimate Hasher, probably by a sudden death cage match. So there’s that.