Th3 #576 – 11/27/14

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Hares/Hosts: That Thing That Vibrates & Cumday Bloody Cumday
Venue: Vibrating Cumday Manor, 533 W Barry Ave, #14G
Hash Cash: Side dish to share
Time: 2pm, On-out 2:30pm


Don’t have any Thanksgiving plans? Never fear, TH3 is here to fill the holiday void!

For the second year in a row, Vibrates & Cumday have graciously offered their place for TH3’s Thanksgiving Hash. A turkey & beer will be provided, but we ask that everyone bring a dish to add to the feast. PLEASE COORDINATE WITH Fallyn Stanley ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING. Let’s not end up with a turkey, ten bags of ice and three pumpkin pies, ok? Also, definite yes & no RSVPs would be appreciated so Vibrates knows how many people to expect.

ALSO IMPORTANT: NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME. This will be a 2pm hash, with food after trail. So figure you’ll be eating around 4-5pm.

If you have other obligations, feel free to stop by afterward; I believe the party went on for awhile last year with Cards Against Humanity. If you do come late, we will ask you to chip in money to the hash, or bring some booze or something to help offset the costs.