Th3 #568 – 10/8/14

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Hare: Foamy Discharge & Mt. Schwiiinga & Sandy Syphilis (by proxy)
Venue: O’Lanagan’s (2335 W. Montrose Ave)
Hash Cash: $8
Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm


Join us for the 3rd Anal Thirstathon! The day you’ve been training your bodies and livers for all summer long! 2.62 miles trail for you racist bastards! There will be prizes, there will be medals, racist attire encouraged! Our founding race director, Sandy Syphilis will be joining us by proxy. 

Gear up for marathon weekend by quenching your thirst at a Thirstathon! No idea what that means, but they got a $6 pitcher deal, so yay! More Beer!