Th3 #527 – 12/26/2013

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My dear wankers and wenches,

It with great sorrow that must announce that the final Thirstday of 2013 is to be hared by a bimbo from Houston H3 (H4 as they say on the streets) and some stupid chimp (no not vin diesel) from the Brass Monkey H3. If thats not bad enough, this vulgar depraved duo is to be joined by our very own Gaping Panda Hidden Homo. 

I am not sure if you have tried scouting a trail from 1500 miles away, but I imagine it is safe to say this trail will be a flop. I don’t even think those Houston people have warm clothes–I know one of them normally doesn’t wear any. 

It’s going to the usual night time winter trail, so remember safety third. Bring your headlamps, reflective gear, and an open mind because I hear the marks may be a little different. Circle is set to be outside so bring extra layers and things to stay warm. Trail is A to B so be sure to pack a shag bag! 

Lastly, it is set to be live hared–not sure if you have seen panda run lately, but I am betting he can be snared a couple times (and yes it gets funnier every time–shrinkage is a real thing). 

Hares: Where do you get off?, Red Light Special, Gaping Panda Hidden Homo

Location: 3356 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60657

Meet Up at 7:00, On-Out at 7:30

Hash Cash $8