Th3 #523 – 11/28/2013

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It’s that time of year, once again, when all hashers give thanks for all the times they drank enough to get alcohol poisoning, but miraculously survived. How better to celebrate than getting together to tempt fate one more time?

This will also be our hare’s birthday, so make sure to wish her a good one. The hash will be out of That Thing That Vibrates’ place, and will have an early start (2 pm). A thanskgiving meal will happen after the run. Turkey and stuffing will be provided, and hash cash will be forgiven for all attendees who bring a side dish.

Please post what you are bringing, if you plan to do so, so we can avoid double-ups and noticeable absenses.

Meet up 2:00, On-Out 2:30, On-Turkey sometime after.

Hash Cash $8 or a side dish.