Th3 #487 – 03/21/2013

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Clark Kunt joins Just Branden for his virgin lay! This will be a live trail, probably gonna suck. Hipster Hash 2013 in all its glory. The infamous Logan Square.

Home of skinny jeans, plaid shirts, large glasses, beards, and shitty musicians. Feel free too throw rubber chickens at your local hipsters because they are probably vegetarian.

CTA Friendly:

From Bucktown/ Ukrainian Pillage: Take blue line towards ohare. Get off at Logan square stop. Walk the long way down the tunnel. When out walk north on Milwaukee until you get there. A brisk but not far walk. DONT BE A BABY

Get ready for a shitty trail you’ll definitely forget

Lakeview: Hop on the diversy bus west, get off at Milwaukee and walk north.

Meet Up 7:00, On-Out 7:30

Hash Cash $8