Th3 #485 – 03/07/2013

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Urine Love and Furry Spice are your follicly challenged hares. The theme for this hash will be Bring Your Craziest Wig! Clown, blond, curly, straight, long, short, doesn’t matter. Just wear your craziest, freakiest, most outrageous wig in support of your bald hares 🙂

To get into WJew-40’s building, go to the West entrance of the building (by the corner of Oakley and Wabansia) and walk into the lobby. The outer door isn’t locked. Go to the call box in the lobby and look up “Gantwerker”, and dial. Somebody will buzz you through the inner door. Once you enter the inner door, the elevator will be on your right. Take it to the second floor. Turn left out of the elevator and walk East as far as the building goes to unit #237. The hall looks twisty, but it is just one long corridor.

Meet-Up at 7:00 pm, On-Out at 7:30

Hash Cash $8