Th3 #476 – 1/3/2013

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It’s the moment you’ve all been dreading… not the first Th3 hash of 2013, but yet another visit by 10 Dix With Wings from her new home in New York. Seriously, some people need to learn how to stay gone.

In honor of this… auspicious… event, 10 Dix will be haring alongside EZ On The Ass & WJew-40 in an event the hares are calling: Moe’s III: Return of the Jew 3D. In case you hadn’t guessed, the hash will take place out of Moe’s Tavern.

And as if having to see 10 Dix in live 3D rather than through facebook photos isn’t punishment enough, we will be further assaulting your eyes by giving you one more chance to break out your most attrocious holiday garb… that’s right. It’s an Ugly Sweater Hash. Jews are not known for being on time.

Meet Up at 7:00, On-Out at 7:30.

Hash Cash $8