Th3 #474 – 12/20/2012

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For the second consecutive year, Th3 is proud to follow-up Chicago’s Anthrax hash weekend with our very special tribute to Anthrax… the metal band.

Hares WJew-40 & Drill In My Box will be laying trail out of Humbolt Park metal barThe Lockdown…. which, by the way, has kick-ass hamburgers and 1/2 price drafts on Thursday nights, so pre-lubing is recommended. Lockdown also has three “virtual” metal concerts per night, played on a room full of plasma TVs, so stay after for some head-banging and liver-punishing.

We’re all tired (and many of us sick) from the preceding weekend, so trail will be short and sweet. Circle will likely be outdoors on Lockdown’s back porch, so bring your coats.

Meet Up 7:00, On-Out 7:30

Hash Cash $8.

REMINDER: Bring Flashlights.