Th3 #471 — 11/29/2012

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Alright kids… sorry about the delay in getting a final venue on this week’s hash, but we finally have everything nailed down. It isn’t easy when a hare bows out at the last minute, but we hope EZ has a speedy recovery from his painful herpes outbreak.

Trail will be out of the Tap Room (2218 N. Western). I spoke with Vanessa, who will be our bartender, and she is very excited to have us. Pitchers are only $6, so prepare for a shit show. Also, she let me try some delicious alcoholic apple cider that they’re selling for $8 a pitcher, for anybody who will be wanging.

Hares will be our elustrious GM Little Trojan Annie, Urine Love (virgin Chicago lay), and Sir Fuckwit (virgin lay).

Meet up at 7:00, On-Out at 7:30

Hash Cash $8