TH3 #451 – Third Annual Running of the Bulls

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TH3 #451
Thursday, July 12th – 7PM
Ravens – 2326 N. Clark St

TH3’s Third Annual “Running of the Bulls” Hash

In honor of TH3’s Spirit Animal, the Great Bull, and in solidarity with our brothers in Pamplona, the Thirstday Hash House Harriers will engage, once again, in the great tradition of “Running With the Bulls.”

The rules are simple. Your typical hash trail has been laid for the pack to solve, but don’t take too long and work with your fellow runners to solving splits and checks. You’ve only got a five minute head start before the bulls are released, and these fast bastards will be barreling down on you in an attempt to “gore” you. Special down-downs will be given for the runners who manage to escape the bulls and for the bulls who gore the most runners.